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Sugaring services

For us, smooth and healthy skin belongs to everyone who dreams of it. That's why FRSH offers an easy way to take care of skin hair removal - effectively and inexpensively by sugaring. Sugaring is gentle on the skin and gives a long-lasting result that helps maintain your personal hygiene.

Have a smooth day!

Our service

Sweet life with smoother skin has never been easier.

You don't need to know anything in advance about sugaring or even which areas you want to treat. Our professionals specializing in sugaring services will consult you before and after the procedureremoves hair effectively and safely from any area of the body you want.

We want to help you make sugaring an effortless part of taking care of your everyday well-being. FRSH sugaring studio is located in a central location and also serves in the evenings - it's easy to come to us as if passing by. When done regularly, sugaring is more painless and faster, and you always keep your skin happy.


1 Area to be sugared + armpits


Brass sugaring


2 Areas to be sugared + armpits


Brass sugaring


3 Areas to be sugared + armpits


Brass sugaring
FRSH sokerointi
What is sugaring

Sugaring is an effective, gentle and vegan hair removal method that at the same time exfoliates the skin to make it silky smooth

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